A trip to the Well - Saint Bridget's Well, Shanagarry, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

I wanted to take you to St Bridget's Well so that you could see it for yourself and get a feel for the project. I took a walk there Saturday last, on the brightest day we have had for a little while. Ireland is known for is wet weather and its diverse rain but when the sun is shining Ireland's bright colours are relieved and all her rainbows come out of hiding.
As we approached the site I was delighted to see in the distance a small purple ribbon tied to a tree next to the well. I was really hoping to show you this tradition but hadn't seen a rag tied there for a while so I couldn't take a photo. The rag tying is a tradition linked to the Holy Wells. Its believed that after wetting a cloth or rag in the well water it is placed onto an area that needs healing, the rag is then tied to a near by tree branch. As the rag rots away so does the illness. My partner suggested that I tie one there myself, but not only am I, thankfully, in good health, I really want everything t…
In 2015 Keri designed a collection of sacred vessels inspired by her love, interest and fascination with the use of sacred water throughout Ireland's history. There are hundreds of holy wells scattered throughout Ireland's landscape, regularly maintained and still used by locals. The water rituals and the holy sites are something to behold and a visit would be encouraged to all. It is a thrilling adventure in locating and finding the Holy Wells, similar to a treasure hunt there are stories of legend and hidden trinkets to be discovered. “Holy Wells” and sacred waters in Ireland hold a unique role as a symbol of the Irish culture and a connection with the natural environment. The holy well tradition is believed to date back to the pre-Christian era when they had deities and performed ceremonies at the springs. The well water itself is extremely important. Particular minerals and elements have been found at a number of sites, due to the water coming up from deep underground, sp…